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Acquisitions 2017

Call to Artists: Artwork Acquisition for the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen Collection

Deadline for proposals: April 1 2017

(Please note that the deadline has passed and that proposals can no longer be received)


Description of the Collection

In 1966, a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to Claude Roussel, the director of the Galerie d’art de l’Université de Moncton, enabled him to acquire a few pieces of art. Strongly desiring to introduce the modern art movements to Acadia and its artists, he also bought important artwork from Canada’s leading artists. In 2005, the Galerie was renamed in honour of Mr. Reuben Cohen and his wife Louise to highlight the substantial contribution of art donations and the establishment of an endowment fund dedicated to purchasing new artwork, the Louise et Reuben Cohen Fund (FLRC).

In accordance with its mission, the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen (GALRC) has assembled a collection that currently counts just over a thousand works of art. A quarter of this collection is exhibited throughout Université de Moncton’s campus buildings thanks to a loan program for employees. This modest body of works that is nonetheless brimming with New Brunswick heritage follows the evolution of modern and contemporary art with particular emphasis on Acadia. It mainly features paintings and works on paper, photographs, drawings, prints and engravings alongside a few sculptures and new media.


Objectives of the Collection

The activities related to the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen’s collection are part of a larger artistic heritage conservation project. The acquisition principles and parameters are in line with the Galerie and the Université de Moncton’s fields of interest as well as the specific nature of their core identity. The following are the acquisition policy’s fundamental principles: 1) to support the cultural development of the Acadian community; 2) to commit to current professional artistic practices; 3) to play a role in training artists and visual arts professionals; and 4) to participate in visual arts research in Canada and within universities.

The collection is developed through four acquisition parameters (in order of importance):
1. the production of artwork by Acadian artists and artists involved in the Acadian community;
2. strengthening the current collection by adding works of art of particular significance to the modern history of Acadian art (from 1963 to today);
3. an open attitude toward artistic processes that bear witness to and participate in present-day issues in the art world;
4. an interest in considering works of art that, while they do not meet the acquisition parameters mentioned above, might be beneficial to the collection.

Artworks for this collection can be acquired through purchase, donations, gifting or legacies. They can be exhibited in the offices and public spaces at the university’s campus in Moncton.


Selection Criteria

The selection of artwork to acquire must follow these criteria:
- the work’s relevance to the GALRC mission and acquisition parameters;
- the recognition of the artist’s status in accordance with the definition of “artist” adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO (1980) and the definition of “professional” by the Canada Council for the Arts;
- the aesthetic value of the artwork;
- the state, degree of permanency, cost, and legal status of a piece;
- the collection’s coherence;
- the GALRC’s capacity to maintain the physical and intellectual integrity of the artwork while making it available to the public.


Specific Considerations

Works created since 2000 or artworks of considerable significance in the artist’s career.

At the moment of acquisition, the artwork must be framed and/or prepared to be exhibited. (Please indicate the value of the piece, including framing and exhibition fees. IMPORTANT: when submitting your proposal, the artwork does not have to be either framed or ready to be exhibited.)

Large-scale works will only be considered if they can be placed permanently in a public space on the campus, including exterior sites.


Information to be Provided in the Online Form

Artist’s name and contact numbers.

Information about the artwork (template to be downloaded in the online form): title, production date, medium, dimensions and weight (for works over 50 lb or 20 kg), and purchase value.

Specific requirements for presentation, conservation, or exhibition of each piece (if applicable).
Resume (to be upload in the online form, in Word or PDF file format).

An artist statement related to each proposed artwork (to be upload in the online form, in Word or PDF file format).

Digital images (only in JPEG file format) of each proposed artwork (min. 3/max. 12).


Artwork Proposal

Each artist may propose from three (3) to twelve (12) artworks.

Artwork images should be saved in JPEG file format, at a 72 dpi resolution, at a maximum size of 1024 (W) x 768 (H) pixels, with a maximum size of 500 kb.

Images must be enumerated in the order that corresponds to the list on the artwork proposal form and each file must be identified as follows: 01ArtistNameProductionDate; 02ArtistNameProductionDate; etc. If more than one image is submitted for a single piece, files must be identified with a letter after the number (1A, 1B, etc.) as follows: 01AArtistNameProductionDate; 01BArtistNameProductionDate (e.g., 01AEmilyCarr1935, 01BEmilyCarr1935, etc.).


Deadline for proposals: April 1 2017

(Please note that the deadline has passed and that proposals can no longer be received)

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