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French Immersion Students

The Faculté de droit of the Université de Moncton is one of the youngest law schools in Canada, and the only one where common law is taught solely in French. Over the years, an increasing number of Anglophones who have been through immersion programmes or who have otherwise acquired a good knowledge of the French language and who recognize the advantages of being able to practice law in both official languages have been opting to study law in French at l'Université de Moncton.

To be accepted in the programme leading to the bachelor of laws degree, prospective students must demonstrate that they are sufficiently proficient in French, both written and oral, to follow classes, make presentations and write papers and exams in French. Before they can be admitted, they must pass a written French test with a minimum grade of C+.

In some cases, candidates who have not obtained the minimum grade on the French test will be admitted with a requirement that they take and pass a certain number of French courses. Such students are, or course, required to pursue their law studies in French during this time and to write papers and exams in French. These courses are not credited toward the law degree, and obtaining the degree is conditional upon obtaining the minimum grade of C+ on such courses.

Please note that all application forms must be filled out in French and that all correspondence from the University and the Faculty of Law will be in French.

The Faculty of Law of the Université de Moncton does not require the Law Faculty Admissions Test (LSAT). If you have already taken the test, your marks may be taken into consideration when your application is reviewed.
For more information, we invite you to browse our website or contact us at droit@umoncton.ca, or by phone at (506) 863-2132.
We wish you great success in your legal studies, hopefully here with us.

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