École de foresterie

Campus d'Edmundston

École de foresterie

Campus d’Edmundston

École de foresterie

Campus d'Edmundston

École de foresterie

Campus d’Edmundston



Here some presentations (pdf files)

Présentations orales/Oral presentations

Yves Gagnon Sustainable development, Forestry and Renewable Energy   

Dr Lloyd Irland  Harvesting and Silvicultural Practices in Maine, 1982-2008

Patrick Morin  Comparaison des modes de tenure privés et publics de la forêt du Bas-Saint-Laurent en fonction d'indicateurs environnementaux et socio- économiques

Matthew Russel  Assessing model prediction uncertainty in forecasting long-term tree basal area and diameter increment for the primary Acadian tree species

Baburam Rijal  Development of regional height to diameter allometric equations for naturally-regenerated, mixed species, and multi-cohort forests of the Acadian Region

Rongxia Li  Evaluating stem taper and bark thickness equations for the major conifer species in the Acadian Region of North America

Ariane Tremblay-Daoust Past and upcoming dynamics of red oak at its northern range limit, in eastern Quebec, Canada

Laura Kenefic  Silvicultural Rehabilitation of Cutover Mixedwood Stands

Tom Beckley  Social values, Science and forest Management

Lacina Coulibaly Extraction de mesures forestières de façon rétrospective à partir des données Lidar aéroporté

Etienne B.Racine Forest stands structure classification using LiDAR and photography: human and computer comparison

Michael Day  Development and growth-limits in temperate conifers : An evolutionarily stable perspective

Adam Bordeleau  Impact of increased inorganic nitrogen deposition on the mycorrhizal community

André de Römer  The use of historic land surveys to reconstruct the presettlement forest in Quebec (Canada)

Collin Calhoun  Within-stand site variability in northern conifers:  influence on silvicultural outcomes in managed Acadian conifer forests

Matthew Olson  40-Year Compositional Dynamics of a Long-Term Silviculture Experiment in Northern Maine: The Austin Pond Study

Lee Allen  A Proposed Forest Land Classification System for Maine

Lee Allen  Potential Productivity for Spruce Forests of Maine and Eastern Canada

Vincent Laflèche Identification des sites à fort potentiel pour l’intensification de la production ligneuse : 1. Mise en contexte et productivité potentielle

Samuel Pinna  Jeunes plantations d'érable à sucre et de bouleau jaune dans les forêts tempérées froides de l'Est du Québec : utilisation d'un protecteur en tissus et gestion de la végétation compétitive

Mingkai Peng  Influence of tree spacing on spatial distribution of shrinkage properties in white spruce tree stem

Donald Ross  Soil Carbon Monitoring Plots in Vermont’s Managed Forests

Dodick Gasser  La récolte de "pointes" de sapin baumier pour la fabrication de produits ornementaux est-elle compatible avec l'objectif de production ligneuse ?

Hirondelle Varady-Szabo Mesure des écarts de composition forestière entre la forêt préindustrielle (de 1836 à 1940) et la forêt aménagée (de 1995 et 2003) en Gaspésie

Andrée Morneault Some Ecological Effects of Harvesting and Site Preparation in White Pine Stands Managed Under the Shelterwood System

Diane Kiernan  Simulated Carbon Projections for Uneven-aged Northern Hardwood Stands

Edwin Swift  Stand Dynamics of Northern Hardwoods to Partial Harvesting in the Acadian Forest Region


Carlo Lupi  Xylogenesis in black spruce on two sites in the boreal forest of Quebec: the importance of temperature for the onset and duration of cell differentiation

John Brissette  Penobscot Experimental Forest in Maine: 60 Years of Research and Collaboration

Vicky Belzile Que faut-il pour bien gérer les boisés privés ?

Daniel Chalifour Site preparation and seedling growth during fill planting of Picea glauca in the Boreal mixed woods 

Patrick Clune Maine's commercial thinning research network 

Bryan E. Ellis Non industrial Private Landownwers knowledge and awareness of sustained yield management in the Northern Forest

Neal F. Maker Sawtimber Procurement Pressure and Sustained Yield Management on Non-industrial Private Forestlands of the Northern Forest 

Spencer A. Perry The effect of waxes and adhesives on the static coefficient of friction of wood strands