Registration and Withdrawal Policy

Registration and Withdrawal Policy

Registration and Withdrawal Policy

Registration and Withdrawal Policy – Continuing Education

1.    Registration
  1.1    Students must register for courses and pay the required fees before the beginning of each session. Registration can be done at one of our offices, by phone with Visa, Mastercard or American Express or by ManiWeb (in French only) at:

  1.2    Students registered in a graduate degree program must register at the Continuing Education office of the Moncton campus.

  1.3    It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a course in the time specified (see section 2. Withdrawal and refunds below). The University reserves the right to cancel registration if a student has not paid the course fees.  An amount equal to the course fees and insurance costs, if applicable, will be charged.

  1.4    Registration is done on a first come first served basis. A sufficient number of registrations is required to offer a course. Once the maximum number of students registered in a course has been attained, no further registrations will be accepted.

  1.5    University regulation 5.3 states that registrations will not be accepted after the last day on which withdrawal from a course or change in a course is possible without a notation in the student transcript. 

2.   Withdrawal and refunds
  2.1    Withdrawal from a course or cancellation of a registration must be done in writing by completing and signing the « Modification d’inscription » form and forwarding it to the Continuing Education.  Refunds will be provided according to the following procedure: an administration fee of $25 will apply for any withdrawal from a course within the first 9 hours of class. Refunds will not be issued after 9 hours of class.  

  2.2    For courses scheduled on weekends, a reimbursement (less $25) may be obtained if the withdrawal, made according to 2.1, takes place on the Monday or the first work day following the first weekend of the course. For courses offered through internet, a reimbursement (less $25) may be obtained if the withdrawal takes place before the end of the third week of the course for the fall and winter session and before the end of the second week for the spring session. (For more details, contact the Continuing Education.)

  2.3    Exceptionally, in the case of illness or accident, 50% of the tuition fees will be refunded if withdrawal occurs between the first 9 and 18 hours of class. A detailed doctor’s note must be provided. Refunds will not be issued after 18 hours of class.  

  2.4    If course fees have not yet been paid, an amount of $25, as administration fees, will be charged if withdrawal occurs, made according to 2.1, within the first 9 hours of class. An amount equal to the full course fees and insurance cost, if applicable, will be charged if the withdrawal occurs after 9 hours of class. This applies whether the course has been attended or not.

  2.5    Customer service staff must comply with university regulations and the policies established by the Continuing Education. Nevertheless, the Continuing Education believes in the importance of resolving differences of opinions. If a student wishes to challenge a decision, a request must be presented in writing, within a reasonable time period, to the General Director of the Continuing Education.

See course schedule and University calendar for all rules and regulations.