Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units

Society for Continuing Education and Training (SOFEDUC)

Université de Moncton Continuing Education is a member of the Société de formation et d'éducation continue (SOFEDUC). Founded in 1988, the Society's mandate is to accredit organizations to award continuing education units for non-credit continuing education activities that meet high quality standards.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The awarding of CEUs is a guarantee of the quality of the training. For most courses offered, CEUs can be awarded. One CEU is awarded for every ten hours of participation in a structured training activity with an evaluation or in an activity or exercise related to the objectives. A certificate of completion indicating the number of units earned will be issued by the Continuing Education for most professional development training activities.

At the end of a training activity that complies with SOFEDUC's quality standards, including the evaluation of learning, the accredited training organization gives participants who have met the learning objectives a certificate of achievement bearing the SOFEDUC seal and the acronym CEU.


The benefits of CEUs :

For the participant:

  • enhancement of his/her skills
  • formal recognition of their learning in a training activity
  • support in personal efforts to have learning outcomes recognized by the school, college and university system
  • maintenance, where applicable, of a professional accreditation

For the employer:

  • assurance of the relevance and quality of the training received by its personnel 
  • quality assurance of the chosen training activities
  • concrete evaluation of the training activity

Continuous Improvement Policy

Quality can be defined as meeting the needs of the client. It is a balance between the client's request, needs, expectations and the resources available. Continuous improvement is the perfect match between the evaluation of customer satisfaction and the means implemented to ensure the necessary follow-up. For each training activity provided, the Continuing Education makes the following commitment:

  • treat customers with respect
  • state in writing what is expected of the individual at the end of the training activity or program (learning objectives)
  • base objectives on training needs
  • provide training that is designed, supervised, and delivered by competent personnel
  • Evaluate each training activity in terms of, but not limited to:
    • the degree of preparation of the person conducting the training,
    • the content of the training
    • the achievement of stated learning objectives
    • the value of the training methods and strategies
    • the value of the training in relation to the job
    • satisfaction with administrative services, and
    • satisfaction with physical and technological accommodations.

The Continuing Education of the Université de Moncton is also a member of several professional groups or associations in the business community or in the field of Continuing education, such as:

  • The Greater Moncton Chambers of Commerce
  • Le Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick (CÉNB)
  • Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD)
  • LERN
  • L'Association canadienne d'éducation des adultes des universités de langue française (ACDAULF)  and others