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Staff : Full-time employees of Université de Moncton
Staff spouses : Spouses of full-time staff members
General public : Anyone aged 18 and up who is neither a student nor an employee of Université de Moncton.
Couples (general public) : Members and their partners with valid proof of cohabitation.
AlUMni : Must be a member in good standing of the Association des AlUMni.
55+ : Persons aged 55 and over with identification and proof of age.
Secondary school students : Must be attending secondary school (grades 9 – 12) or be 15 years or older (proof required).
Université de Moncton students : During the university year (September – April), full-time students at the university can access CEPS free and benefit from full membership privileges.
Students of other universities : This level includes anyone studying full-time at another university or post-secondary institution (valid student card required).
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