Historical Background

Located in North-Eastern New Brunswick, in a region known as the Acadian Peninsula, the Campus of Shippagan is the ideal setting for those wishing to learn and master the French language! Our Campus also boasts a magnificent view on the sea!

The Université de Moncton

The Université de Moncton, whose traditions go back to 1864, is Canada's largest French university outside of Quebec. The university has three campuses in New Brunswick, in the cities of Moncton, Edmundston and Shippagan. New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces. In 1999, the university was chosen as the host site for the Francophonie Summit held in Moncton.

Campus of Shippagan

When the Université de Moncton first sought out for the perfect location for the Centre international d'apprentissage du français (CIAF), the Campus of Shippagan immediately distinguished itself as the ideal place to establish the Centre. Indeed, the predominance of French in the Acadian Peninsula, combined with the unique social, cultural and economic background of this region, are some of the factors which single out the CIAF as the best and most effective means for you to acquire French language skills fast.

Shippagan is a geographical name that comes from the Micmac word Sepagun-chiche which means "passing of the ducks". The city lies in very picturesque scenery that reflects the colors of Maritime Acadia. Nestled in a beautiful maritime landscape, the Campus of Shippagan offers modern facilities and a host of social, cultural and sports activities for everyone. Students learn in an atmosphere that encourages the development of interpersonal and intercultural relationships. The fact that CIAF students live with host families allows them to fully experience life in a francophone milieu. The majority of the population in Shippagan is of Acadian descent: their rich cultural traditions date back to the first French settlement in North America.