Private Sector

Private Sector

Private Sector

The Centre international d'apprentissage du français (CIAF), language school located on the Université de Moncton - Campus de Shippagan, is specialize in English and French second language education. The CIAF can help you meet your second language training specifics needs.

Custom designed courses

We have the ability to offer custom designed courses for different groups, according to their needs and levels. The CIAF distinguishes itself from any other language school by its flexibility to cover the needs of its customers. The CIAF has high qualified teachers that will work in conjunction with students to reach their goals and at the same time monitor their progress.

You want a program that is fully adapt to your needs and you want to have the course given in you area. Don't hesitate to communicate your needs with us.

French Immersion Program

You have needs for a French Immersion Program. You want to dedicate yourself to the study of intensive French language. Then come to the CIAF's head office in Shippagan as it is much more than a language school; it is also a forum for exchanges where students live in French during class hours but also during leisure activities. The Shippagan community is mainly composed by Acadians that are known for their welcoming ways and the rich culture and traditions that date back to the first French presence in North America.

Length of Course

Programs are custom designed to meet the requirements of a specific clientele; they can therefore be offered at different times during the year and for periods of time required by the client or group that requested them.

You want to increase the synergy of your employees while increasing communication English or French second language? You want a program for your department to your specific needs of English or French second language? You need a training in your area?

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact us at :

    Local call : (506) 336-3400  ext: 3636
    Toll free: 1 800 363-8336 (option 3)
    Email :