Annual Report 2016-2017 - page 4

2016-2017 Annual Report
The Université de Moncton
is Canada’s
largest French-language university
outside Quebec. Founded in 1963, it is
an institution with three constituents
(campuses) located in Edmundston,
Moncton and Shippagan, in
New Brunswick. It offers a range of
programs in the three study cycles to
meet the training needs of the popu-
lation it serves. It provides its services
to the vast Francophone diaspora
throughout the country, thus becoming
the ideal symbol of the linguistic and
cultural vitality of Francophones living
outside Quebec.
The Université de
Moncton also welcomes
an increasingly large
international clientele
from some 40 countries.
From left to right: Jacques Paul Couturier, Vice-President, Edmundston campus;
Lynne Castonguay, Secretary General; Edgar Robichaud, Vice-President,
Administration and Human Resources; André Samson, Vice-President,
Academic and Research; Raymond Théberge, President and Vice-Chancellor;
Linda Schofield, Executive Director, University Relations and Philanthropic
Development; Sid-Ahmed Selouani, Vice-President, Shippagan campus.
Management team
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