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2016-2017 Annual Report
Promoting sound choices
In December 2016, the Board of
Governors adopted the report on
academic planning for the Université de
Moncton, with an amendment previously
proposed by the Academic Senate.
Prepared by the Vice-President of
Academic and Research, who is
responsible for the report, this document
sets out the priority academic directions
that the University intends to pursue
over the coming years. It includes a
comprehensive evaluation of the 165
programs of study in the three cycles
offered at the three campuses, taking
into account the demographic, economic
and sociocultural contexts in which the
Université de Moncton operates. It also
presents more than 80 recommendations
to improve program offerings.
Thus, the report classifies curricula into
several categories: 78 programs are in
the priority programs category; 27 are
listed in the programs to be maintained;
57 require special attention; 21 require
development and 21 must be redefined
or abolished. Some of the 165 programs
of study are categorized into two
The report on academic planning is the
result of a broad consultation exercise
that lasted over a year within the
academic community. No fewer than
250 people from all three campuses
participated in the reflection.
Jacques-Roch Gauvin, the Academic
Vice-President of the Moncton University
Campus Student Federation, believes
that the students’ response to this
exercise has been very positive.
The majority of student
councils that were asked
gave their reflections and
recommendations in
memoranda. This active
participation demonstrates
the crucial importance of this
report for the students and
their desire to be included in
the process that will enable
the Université to make wise
choices suited to our new
Guillaume Pelletier, the former President
of the Université de Moncton’s Faculty
of Sciences Student Association,
applauds the very inclusive consultation
process conducted by the VPAR.
Real care was taken to
listen and understand all
the groups concerned, the
student community as much
as the faculty. This report
reflects a real commitment
to meeting the academic
aspirations and expectations
of students attending our
Academic planning is one of the
actions at the heart of implementing
the institutional strategic plan and is
part of pursuing the objective of
ensuring the provision of high-quality
curricula allowing intellectual, personal,
scientific and professional development.
Guillaume Pelletier, right,
delivers the Vox Populi award to
André Samson, Vice-President,
Academic and Research.
This award is given annually
on a discretionary basis to a
non-teaching staff member
who, through their actions or
positions, focuses on serving the
student community.
- Jacques-Roch Gauvin
- Guillaume Pelletier
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