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2016-2017 Annual Report
The 2016–2017 year was marked by
several events that made our university
stand out.
Visionary and large-scale projects
were or are being completed. They are
very much in line with the dream we
imagined in 2013 in our strategic plan,
which will take us to 2020.
This ambitious dream contributes
to the development of society and
greatly appeals to the community. It
has made us a topic of conversation
beyond the borders of the province,
which delights us. With its ambitious
but realistic goals, the Université de
Moncton continues to differentiate
itself, and we are proud to see its
influence shine.
A major fundraising campaign was
officially launched in 2016–2017. The
community’s response has been very
favourable, and this is just a start. With
a target of $50 million to be achieved,
we are committed to strengthening
two key areas: the student experience
and research and development.
Thanks to the money collected as part
of the
fundraising campaign,
several transformative projects in
research and development, in
Acadian studies, in the environment
and in health will be implemented.
Improving the bursary and financial
assistance program and modernizing
the facilities of all three campuses will
ensure an exceptional student experi-
ence at the Université de Moncton.
We are heading toward 2020 with
enthusiasm; the passion aroused by
our projects can be felt in the commu-
nity. This annual report also provides
a voice for community members to
comment on our successes.
In closing, I would like to thank our
students, faculty, staff, graduates
and ambassadors in the community.
You contribute to our goals and it is
because of you that we are able to
talk about the dream more and more.
Raymond Théberge
Edmundston Campus
Moncton Campus
Shippagan Campus
Message from the President and Vice Chancelor
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