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Parc écologique du millénaire

The Millennium Ecological Park is a unique island of greenery in an urban setting. Inaugurated in 2000, its mission is to educate the community on 21st century environmental issues, calling on everyone to pose concrete engagements to reverse the contemporary ecological crisis.

The park boasts more than 600 indigenous trees and shrubs. There are trails, a gazebo, a pond and a brook, all located between the University of Moncton, the Wheeler highway and a residential area.

Since 2002, the park also exposes works of environmental art. Artists such as Nils-Udo (Germany), Francine Larivée (Quebec) and Bob Verschueren (Belgium) have created works of art on the spot, who evolve with the surroundings.

The park also offers free guided tours in the summer season since 2014.


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