Intensive French Immersion

Intensive French Immersion

Intensive French Immersion

You have needs for an Intensive French Immersion. You want to dedicate yourself to the study of intensive French language. Then come to the CIAF's head office in Shippagan as it is much more than a language school; it is also a forum for exchanges where students live in French during class hours but also during leisure activities. The Shippagan community is mainly composed by Acadians that are known for their welcoming ways and the rich culture and traditions that date back to the first French presence in North America.

Intensive French Immersion courses are specifically designed for non francophone students who wish to improve their language skills. 

The objective of the Intensive French Immersion courses is to train students to become fully and rapidly functional in French. The programs are designed to fulfill the specific needs of the students and to integrate linguistic, academic and cultural elements.

Target Clientele

  • Non francophone students, registered full time, who wish to pursue their university studies in French. 
  • Professionals, business people and civil servants who wish to learn French or improve their language skills for work-related purposes. 
  • Any non francophone person wishing to learn to speak French while enjoying a unique linguistic and cultural experience in Acadie.

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