Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Registration

Admission Procedures

Admission is the first step when potential students have decided in which institution they want to study. However, admission and registration are different procedures: registration is the second step of the administrative integration process at the Université de Moncton.

Terms of Admission

The University's Admissions Service handles all requests for admission, ensures that each student's file is complete and advises students on their status. The staffs are also responsible for registration procedures and pertinent statistical data.

To be admitted to the Centre international d'apprentissage du français (CIAF), applicants must fill in an admission form that can be obtained by: 

  • printing the electronic form available here (document Acrobat PDF); 
  • or by applying on-line.

When filling in an admission form, applicants must indicate the program that interests them. Under choice of program (Choix de programme), write IMMERSION.

* Each admission form must be printed, signed and returned by mail with each of the required documents to the following address:
Université de Moncton, Campus de Shippagan
218 J.-D.-Gauthier Blvd.
Shippagan, New Brunswick
E8S 1P6 Canada

Documents required for admission to university are: 

  • an admission form request for junior university training (1er cycle) completed and signed; 
  • one up to date office copy of the student's high school records (the French baccalauréat), including all original copies or copies certified to be office copies of degrees and academic achievements. If you have already attended university or any other institute of higher education (post-secondary), you must also include official transcripts, a brief description of courses taken for equivalency examination and office copies certified to be true copies of degrees. Office copies must be sent directly to the Université de Moncton Admission Office by your home institution, in a sealed envelope bearing the institution's official seal. Documents are no longer considered official if the envelope has been opened or is torn.
  • $50 Canadian dollars (non-refundable), for the creation and examination of your record. This sum can be sent to the campus either through an international postal money order or a cheque drawn from a Canadian bank account. 
  • you may also transact a bank transfer payable to the Université de Moncton, please contact us for bank transfer information.