My research interests include contemporary Acadian literature as well as postmodern, anglophone and francophone writing in Canada, the digital humanities, memory studies, affect theory, world literature, and comparative studies, while I dabble in others.

In both of my current major research projects, I mainly seek to intervene in the posthumanist and anthropocentric discourses at the heart of recent English-Canadian, French-Canadian, and Indigenous works that entertain diverse crises. One of my projects examines and attempts to productively archive primary and secondary texts that contribute to feminist literary ecologies, while the other investigates the apocalyptic influences of various anxieties over anticipated futures in fiction.

Presently, I also serve as the Vice-President (Francophone) of the Association for Canadian and Québec Literatures (ACQL) and on the Research Board of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC).


Fall 2022

  • ANGL 1145: Writing for English Studies

Winter 2023

  • ANGL 1410: Introduction to English Prose
  • ANGL 2410: Foundations of English Literature II