La liste la plus à jour de mes publications peut se trouver sur mes profils ORCiD ou  GoogleScholar. La plupart des préprints de mes publications sont disponibles en accès libre sur arXiv

  1. Multiplexed Single-Photon Source Based on Multiple Quantum Dots Embedded within a Single Nanowire P. Laferrière, E. Yeung, L. Giner, S. Haffouz, J. Lapointe, G.C. Aers, P.J. Poole, R.L. Williams, D. Dalacu, Nano Letters 20, 3688-3693 (2020)

  2. Experimental simultaneous read out of the real and imaginary parts of the weak value A. Hariri, D. Curic, L. Giner, J.S. Lundeen, Phys. Rev. A 100, 032119 (2019)

  3. High-dimension experimental tomography of a path-encoded photon quantum-state D. Curic, L. Giner, J.S. Lundeen, Photon. Res. 7, A27-A35 (2019)

  4. The phase sensitivity of a fully quantum three-mode nonlinear interferometer J. Florez, E. Giese, D. Curic, L. Giner, R.W. Boyd, J.S. Lundeen New J. Phys. 20, 123022 (2018)

  5. Projecting onto any two-photon polarization state using linear optics G. S. Thekkadath, L. Giner, X. Ma, J. Florez, J. S. Lundeen, New J. Phys.20, 083033 (2018)

  6. Implementation of nearly arbitrary spatially varying polarization transformations: a non-diffractiveand non-interferometric approach using spatial light modulators M.T. Runyon, C.H. Nacke, A. Sit, M. Granados-Baez, L. Giner, J.S. Lundeen, Applied Optics 57,5769-5778 (2018)

  7. Experimental investigation of measurement-induced disturbance and time symmetry in quantum phy-sics D. Curic, M.C. Richardson, G.S. Thekkadath, J. Florez, L. Giner, J. S. Lundeen, Phys. Rev. A 97, 042128 (2018)

  8. A variable partially polarizing beam splitter J. Florez, N.J. Carlson, C.H. Nacke, L. Giner, J.S. Lundeen, Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 023108 (2018)

  9. Determining Complementary Properties with Quantum Clones G.S. Thekkadath, R.Y. Saaltink, L. Giner, J.S. Lundeen, Physical Review Letters 119 (5), 050405 (2017) - Article featured in

  10. General Lossless Spatial Polarization Transformations A. Sit, L. Giner, E. Karimi, J.S. Lundeen, Journal of Optics 19, 094003 (2017)

  11. Direct Measurement of the Density Matrix of a Quantum SystemG.S. Thekkadath, L. Giner, Y. Chalich, M.J. Horton, J. Banker, J.S. Lundeen, Physical Review Letters 117, 120401 (2016)  

  12. Super-critical phasematching for photon pair generation in structured light modes R.Y. Saaltink, L. Giner, R.W. Boyd, E. Karimi, J.S. Lundeen, Optics Express 24, pp. 24495-24508 (2016)

  13. A multiplexed light-matter interface for fibre-based quantum networks E.  Saglamyurek, M.  Grimau  Puigibert,  Q.  Zhou, L. Giner, F.  Marsili, V.B.  Verma,  S.W.Nam,  L.  Oesterling, D.Nippa, D. Oblak, W. Tittel, Nature Communications 7, 11202 (2016)

  14. Entanglement swapping with quantum-memory-compatible photons J. Jin, M.G. Puigibert, L. Giner, J.A. Slater, M.R.E. Lamont, V.B. Verma, M.D. Shaw, F. Marsili, S.W. Nam, D. Oblak, W. Tittel, Physical Review A 92, 012329 (2015)

  15. A quantum memory for orbital angular momentum photonic qubits A. Nicolas, L. Veissier, L. Giner, E. Giacobino, D. Maxein, J. Laurat, Nature Photonics 8, 234-238 (2014)

  16. Experimental investigation of the transition between Autler-Townes splitting and electromagnetically-induced-transparency models, L. Giner, L. Veissier, B. Sparkes, A.S. Sheremet, A. Nicolas, O.S. Mishina, M. Scherman, S. Burks, I. Shomroni,D.V. Kupriyanov, P.K. Lam, E. Giacobino, J. Laurat, Physical Review A 87, 013823 (2013)

  17. Reversible optical memory for twisted photons L. Veissier, A. Nicolas,L. Giner, D. Maxein, A.S. Sheremet, E. Giacobino, J. Laurat, Optics Letter 38, 712-714 (2013)