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The Université de Moncton enjoys an enviable reputation and holds a special place in New Brunswick’s history and economy. It also helps put New Brunswick on the map and shine on the world stage. However, it is faced with huge challenges stemming from depopulation and aging trends in New Brunswick as well as strong competition from other universities in Canada and abroad, all of which are curbing the university’s recruitment efforts. To become the destination of choice for French-speaking students from Canada and abroad, the university is establishing a plan to transform, modernize and further develop the institution and increase the esteem in which it is held.

The objectives of this campaign are to:

  • ensure the Université de Moncton’s position as a leader in Acadian studies, environmental science and health sciences;
  • position the university as a key player in the research sector in Atlantic Canada;
  • reinforce the university’s appeal, highlight its two pillars: first-class education and an exceptional student experience;
  • link the university’s modernization to important medical innovation and to the strengthening of its hubs of excellence;
  • emphasize how the public will benefit from the campaign’s five key projects;
  • enhance the quality of facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and designed for academic success.