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FSL Teachers

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Programs Offered

The Centre international d'apprentissage du français (CIAF) offers a wide range of linguistic and cultural programs to FSL teachers, including the French Immersion Program, the French Program - Beginner 1 (Online) and the Skills Retention Program (Online).

French Immersion for FSL Teachers

The French Immersion is a program designed for second language teachers who wish to address specific aspects of teaching French as a second language: didactics, language, etc. Courses are built around a series of educational activities that allow participants to evolve in a multidimensional approach. Trainees are invited to participate in an educational project designed around three components: language, education and language practice.

  • The language component allows course participants to improve both their oral and writing skills, based on their actual knowledge and in response to their needs.
  • The educational component gives course participants a theoretical approach they can later integrate with their own teaching methods.
  • The language practice component allows course participants to live in French during their stay in the Acadian Peninsula and gives them the chance to discover a stunningly beautiful region and a rich culture.

Target Clientele

French language teachers in the English school systems, whether they teach basic French or French immersion.

Length of Course

This course is usually offered during the summer months for two weeks during July.

Dates for French Immersion in 2019

  • Session 1 - July 7 to July 19, 2019 (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Session 2 - July 21 to August 2, 2019 (Intermediate and Advanced levels)


The cost of the course per 2 week session is $2,296.00 (including lodging and meals).


Registration - New-Brunswick Bursary recipient

The application is available on the New-Brunswick Education Portal ONE.

You can also apply here (2019 - Coming soon) : FSL Teacher Bursary 2018 French Summer Program

Registration - New-Brunswick Grant recipient, other Canadian provinces and other countries

Complete the application online:  To apply



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