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Placement Test

Assessment before admission

A French-language Placement Test is administered to every student who applies to the Université de Moncton.

Anglophones and other non-Francophone students must contact the coordinator of the "Groupe-pont" program. Call for information and to make an appointment. After a brief conversation with the applicant, the coordinator will determine if a standardized oral proficiency assessment, lasting approximately 90 minutes, is necessary. If the level of oral French is adequate, the applicant will be admitted into the "Groupe-pont" or bridging program. (See the description of the program by clicking on "Courses", and check the FAQ.)

Students who wish to be admitted into a French course in the regular program (for Francophones) will be asked to write an exam, with a 200-word essay question, to determine their eligibility.

For those who do not live in Moncton or the surrounding area, but visit from time to time, the Placement Test can be administered at one of those times. A test outside the Moncton area can also be arranged.

Since the number of seats in the French classes is limited, the Placement Test and course registration should be done as early as possible.

The applicant's level of French will help the Department to determine the type of courses most suited to their particular needs.

For an appointment, call the administrator of the program. Phone numbers and Email address can be found by clicking on “Staff”.

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