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The Placement Test enables the Department to place students in one of the following two categories:

  1. Students may be deemed fluent enough in oral French (assessed by the Placement Test) to start their program with Francophone students. They will be asked to take two courses each semester in written French in the bridging program ("groupe-pont") to ensure they will be able to use proper written form and an appropriate quality of language in the numerous written papers that will be required during their studies. These courses are tailored to their particular difficulties with the French language and designed to fulfill the language requirement stipulated in the Rules for Undergraduate Programs. No other French courses will be added to the program of students in the "groupe-pont" category, unless they wish to specialize in Translation, French Studies, Journalsim or Education, in which there are specific language requirements. While taking their French courses, the student will take four courses each semester in the programme of his or her choice with a special status (see "Article 6.2") allowing them to write their papers in English for the first full year in their program.
  2. The results of the Placement Test might indicate that the student needs to improve his or her oral skills before taking the courses of the "Groupe-pont" or courses in French in the regular programs for Francophone students. A Conversational French Immersion Program will then be suggested. Since the Moncton campus of Moncton no longer offers Conversational French on a full-time basis during the regular academic year, the applicant will be advised to take summer or evening courses through the Continuing Education department of the Moncton campus or Immersion courses through the CIAF of the Shippagan campus of Shippagan.

Applicants should not try to evaluate their own level of proficiency; members of the department are able to administer the Placement Test knowledgeably, quickly, and free of charge.

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