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The general objective of this program is to develop the student's writing skills and the ability to master good academic form. To attain that goal, the program offers three courses each semester:

  1. A study of the grammar of written French. Minor grammatical imperfections, often not noticeable in spoken French, are not appropriate in written texts at a university level. This course helps students recognize and correct errors in their writing.
  2. The development of French-language vocabulary. Written style is more concise than spoken language, and calls for the use of the appropriate and exact word. The work of famous French writers will provide an opportunity for students to extend and improve their vocabulary and to become more knowledgeable about the structure of the French language. (Web-based course, optional.)
  3. The study of written structure and style. This course helps students move from oral expression to French written written style, providing them with techniques and exercises to help them improve the quality of their language and their style in their written work.

Course Codes and Titles:

First semester:

FRLS 3532 Cours de stylistique française (optional)
FRLS 3552 Français oral
FRLS 3562 Grammaire et rédaction

Second semester:

FRLS 3572 Grammaire avancée
FRLS 4522 Éléments d'analyse littéraire (optional)
FRLS 4532 Grammaire avancée

Students may request a "statut d'étudiant non francophone", which allows them to write their essays and exams in English, in 8 additional courses. (See Article 6.2.)

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