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The Centre d'éducation physique et des sports (CEPS Louis-J.-Robichaud) of Université de Moncton was the realization of a dream from the 1970s. The founding director, Mr. Vance Toner, felt that a long-term plan aimed at improving the sports facilities was needed; in this way, the university could provide academic programs in physical education and recreation that would meet the needs of the entire university population.

At the May 1973 graduation ceremony, Mr. Adélard Savoie, university president at that time, announced the project's approval, and construction of the CEPS began in the summer of 1974. The facility was officially inaugurated in October 1976 at a ceremony commemorating the occasion.

Today, thanks to innovative research activities being carried out at the School of Kinesiology and Recreation Science, the success of the " Coeur en santé " ("Healthy Heart") program, and the recent installation of fitness testing equipment, the CEPS is considered to be the most well-rounded sports complex in Atlantic Canada.

We are proud to say that with all our facilities, programs, and services, "you don't have to choose at CEPS; we have it all!"

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