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Steps To Reset Your Password

Choosing the Password for your Username

Below are the steps to reset your password for your student Username. This Username will give you access to Clic and your student email.

1. Go to : http://www.umoncton.ca
2. Click on Mon U de M

3. Click on Dossier étudiant in the MANIWeb box

4. Click on Connexion à mon compte

5. Enter your NI beside where it says “ NI Utilisateur:” (i.e. A00931487). Note: the NI is case sensitive.
6. Enter your NIP beside where it says “NIP:” (i.e. 770315)
7. Click on Connexion.
8. For your first session, MANIWeb will ask you to select a new NIP.

8.1. Reenter your old NIP.
8.2. Select a new NIP and enter it twice.
9. Once you are inside MAniWeb, you must select a password for your username.
9.1. Click on Renseignements étudiants
9.2. Click on Changement de mot de passe (sauf MANIWeb)
Note: your user name ( i.e. epc4321) to be used with Clic, email and Netstorage
9.3. Enter your new password in the two boxes.
10. Click on Soumettre to save your new Password.

Please allow 20 minutes for the new password to take effect. With this username and password, you will be able to access Clic and your student email.

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