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The Program

A customized program to fit your educational needs

This innovative French learning program focuses on individual needs and helps you attain quick results. At the end of the program your French language skills and your confidence will have significantly improved.

The Université de Moncton has been offering programs in French as a second language to various age groups across North America for well over thirty years. This program is designed specifically for students and adults who want to improve their language skills and engage in everyday social situations that require a higher level of French language competency, and for those who want to improve their reading and writing skills through the use of French and Acadian literature with discussions on current topics of interest.


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What to Expect

A very well-balanced program

This program focuses on developing language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. More complex grammar and vocabulary are introduced at each level.

Oral communication plays a vital role in the classroom, during workshops and socio-cultural activities. The classroom setting will provide you with ample opportunities to interact and share opinions on various topics.

Trips to various top attractions in New Brunswick such as Hopewell Cape, Parlee Beach, le Pays de la Sagouine and much more will be organized during the week and on weekends.


Why You Should Attend

Top quality instruction and innovative approaches

Top quality instruction and innovative approaches in the teaching of a second language make this program one of the best in Canada

Improving your French language skills through this program will provide you with a wide range of opportunities such as:

  • The ability to understand and speak French when traveling;
  • Access to  employment opportunities that require bilingual candidates;
  • Better communication skills in a French social context;
  • New education options;
  • Greater cultural understanding through participation in a wide range of social and tourist activities;
  • More enjoyment of films, literature and music;
  • Greater understanding of our Acadian roots;
  • Dynamic and interactive classroom setting;
  • A proven program with over thirty years of experience in teaching French as a second language;
  • Top rated teachers.


From Beginner to Advanced: Five Levels of Linguistic Competency

You will complete a placement test upon your arrival to ensure that you are correctly placed in one of our five competency levels. In order to fully benefit from this program, you are expected to communicate exclusively in French during your stay.


Level 1

Conversational and
listening comprehension

Level 2

Oral expression;
listening comprehension;
basic grammatical structures

Level 3

Oral expression; listening
comprehension; written comprehension; introduction to written skills

Level 4

Spoken and written skills

Level 5

Spoken and written skills

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