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Monday, October 15, 2018

Prix d’excellence en recherche Donald-J.-Savoie

From left to right: Annie Boudreau, Chair of the board of directors of Donald J. Savoie Institute; Donald J. Savoie, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance (Tier 1); Jacques Paul Couturier, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor; and André Samson, Vice-President, Academic and Research; and member of the board of directors of Donald J. Savoie Institute.
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The Université de Moncton has created an endowment fund from a joint contribution of $300,000, with equal contributions from the Université de Moncton, the Donald J. Savoie Institute and Donald J. Savoie, Professor at the École des hautes études publiques and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance.

The creation of this endowment fund is the result of an initiative of Professor Savoie and André Samson, Vice-President, Academic and Research. Revenues generated will be distributed through a research fund known as “Prix d’excellence en recherche Donald-J.-Savoie” (“Le Prix”), with a minimum value of $10,000 that will be distributed yearly to a Université de Moncton professor who achieves distinction in her or his research field.

“The creation of Le Prix will undoubtedly support and motivate professors in their respective fields of expertise,” mentioned the Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Jacques Paul Couturier. He went on to say: “I applaud Professor Savoie and Mr. Samson for this brilliant initiative rewarding the efforts of our researchers.”

“The development of research, development, creation and innovation (RDCI) is included in our institution’s strategic plan. Moreover, productivity in research has increased considerably in recent years and several of our professors are recognized by their peers, nationally and internationally. We feel that it is important to celebrate the quality of RDCI that is being carried out at Université de Moncton,” stated Mr. Samson.

“The creation of Le Prix aims first and foremost to promote research at Université de Moncton. Universities set themselves apart through the rigorousness and quality of their research,” emphasized Mr. Samson. Professor Savoie hopes that the award will encourage professors to excel and provide greater national and international visibility for Université de Moncton.

“Donald J. Savoie Institute has always attached great importance to research. Rewarding the rigorous and methodical work of professors will certainly lead to innovation and help support cutting-edge ideas,” stated Annie Boudreau, Chair of the board of directors of Donald J. Savoie Institute.

The prizewinner will be selected by the Vice-President, Academic and Research, following a recommendation of an independent committee established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). Le Prix will be awarded at convocation ceremonies at the campus of the prizewinner.

The following are the selection criteria:

a) associate, or full, professor or assistant professor at one of the campuses of Université de Moncton

b) achieve distinction through an exceptional contribution to her or his research field

c) any other criterion related to research deemed pertinent by FGSR of Université de Moncton
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