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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Three Concrete Actions that Strengthen the Partnership between the Université de Moncton and the City of Moncton

Official Signing of the Affiliation Agreement From left to right: Jacques Paul Couturier, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor of the Université de Moncton; and Dawn Arnold, Mayor of the City of Moncton.
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Today, the Université de Moncton and the City of Moncton signed a memorandum of understanding that will strengthen the bonds between them and foster shared objectives that encourage their mutual growth and development.

The objectives are to:

• develop the Moncton campus in order to ensure the quality of education provided to workers in Moncton, thus improving business opportunities in the City

• jointly develop and operate infrastructure and facilities that will improve quality of life both for Université de Moncton students and for residents of the City;

• encourage the attraction, retention and education of students and professors from all over, who will enable the City to grow and prosper.

The partners shall review the memorandum of understanding annually.

Contribution by the City of Moncton to the Evolution Fundraising Campaign

The Université de Moncton is proud to announce a major contribution of $2.5 million by the City of Moncton to its Evolution Fundraising Campaign. The City has committed to contributing $250,000 per year to the Campaign over a 10-year period.

As stipulated by City Council, the City of Moncton’ contribution will be divided as follows: $500,000 to the Fonds de bourses de la Ville de Moncton scholarship fund; $500,000 to the Fonds de bourses de la Ville de Moncton en immersion scholarship fund for immersion students; $500,000 to create a Fonds de bourses pour les Aigles Bleues et Aigles Bleus originaires de Moncton scholarship fund for members of the Aigles Bleues and Aigles Bleus sports teams originally from Moncton; $500,000 to create a Fonds d’intégration pour les étudiantes et étudiants internationaux fund to assist with integrating international students; and $500,000 to the Centre d’études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson centre for Acadian studies to digitize archives and make them publically accessible.

“I want to very sincerely thank the City of Moncton for this exceptional contribution to the Evolution Fundraising Campaign,” said the Université’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Jacques Paul Couturier. “This gift will allow us to beef up the Scholarship and Financial Aid Program and to support both the Pole of Excellence in Acadian Studies project and the integration of international students into the City of Moncton.”

The Université de Moncton acts as a powerful catalyst for socioeconomic, cultural and political development by educating qualified workers. According to its latest figures, the Université de Moncton generated at least 2,770 full-time equivalent jobs in the province and about 935 full-time equivalent jobs elsewhere in the country in 2015. During this same period, the Moncton campus alone generated over $372 million in annual sales in New Brunswick and over $193 million elsewhere in Canada. In total, 44% of the labour force on the Moncton campus lives in Moncton. Finally, over 12,000 graduates have chosen to settle in southeastern New Brunswick, around 5,000 of them in the City of Moncton.

“We are well aware of the Université de Moncton’s academic, economic and social contributions to our region,” noted Mayor Dawn Arnold. “The City of Moncton prioritizes positive relations with its key partners in maintaining a flourishing Francophone and Francophile community, and so we are very proud to support the Evolution Campaign. The projects announced will attract young people to our City — the citizens of tomorrow — and will ensure that the work of the Centre d’études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson can continue.”

This inestimable financial assistance from the City of Moncton will provide solid support for the talented, committed young people who are building the society of tomorrow.

Support from the Université de Moncton for the “Our Urban Heart” Campaign

The Université de Moncton also took the opportunity to announce its support for the “Our Urban Heart” seat campaign to recognize the lasting partnership between the Université and the City of Moncton. This campaign by the City of Moncton allows residents to place their name on a seat in the new Avenir Centre. The Université de Moncton will buy six seats in honour of groups within the university community: the FÉÉCUM, the Association des étudiants internationaux, the Aigles Bleues, the Aigles Bleus, the alUMni and the Université de Moncton.

The City of Moncton had supported the seat campaign for the Université’s stadium when it opened in 2010.
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