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Friday, November 09, 2018

Close to $320,000 in Donations — Université de Moncton Pays Tribute to its Donors

Seen in the photo from left to right: Samuel Haché, president of the Université de Moncton student association, Shippagan campus (donor agency); Patrice-Éloi Mallet, donor; Pierre-Philippe Ferguson, donor; Christian Larocque, donor; Jacques Paul Couturier, Interim President and Vice Chancellor; Édith Doucet, Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Université de Moncton; Louise Imbeault, Chancellor of Université de Moncton; Rose-Mary Babitch, donor; Maurice Beaudin, donor; Marie-Josée Diotte, Vice-President of the Colloque provincial sur la formation professionnelle pour le personnel de bureau (donor agency); Sid Ahmed Selouani, Vice-President of Université de Moncton, campus de Shippagan; and Linda Schofield, Executive Director, University Relations, Philanthropic Development and Evolution Fundraising Campaign, Université de Moncton.
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On September 27 at its Shippagan campus, Université de Moncton proceeded with the investiture ceremony of the Order of the Chancellor and the Order of Regents. The celebration took place at the new cafeteria of the UMCS-CCNB cohabitation project.

During the ceremony, two organizations were invested into the Order of the Chancellor; both organizations achieved a higher rank. The Order of the Chancellor was instituted in 2004 to recognize the contribution of associations, religious communities, businesses, foundations and municipalities that provide Université de Moncton with outstanding financial support. The name of the Order reflects the role of the chancellor, who represents the Université in a personal, visible and fundamental manner and symbolizes its function, spirit and unity.

As well, five people were invested into the Order of Regents. The Order of Regents was instituted by the Board of Governors in 1994 to bring together and recognize the contributions of people who provide significant financial support to Université de Moncton. The name of the Order reflects the important founding role played by the members of the Office of Regents during the first years of existence of Université de Moncton. The Office of Regents was precursor to the current Board of Governors.

In total, these individuals, organizations and businesses committed to donating close to $320,000 to Université de Moncton. These donations contribute to the vitality of the Université and offer tremendous support, especially to students, thus fostering a better student experience.

For the complete list of members of the Orders of Regents and the Order of the Chancellor, please consult the philanthropic development website.

To make a donation to the Université de Moncton or for information on how to do so, please contact the Philanthropic Development Office by phone at 506-858-4130 or 1-888-362-1144, by email at developpement@umoncton.ca or visit the Evolution Fundraising Campaign website.
Source : Direction des communications, des affaires publiques et du marketing
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