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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

8 Students at Université de Moncton, Moncton campus, Awarded the Bourse de la Ville de Moncton en immersion

From left: Dawn Arnold, mayor of the city of Moncton; Brooke Harris, student; Jacques Paul Couturier, acting president and vice-chancellor of the Université de Moncton. Absent from photo: Emma Corbett, Erin Mahoney, Maria Ordonez Torres, Brianna Roy, Rene Saulnier, Claire Smith and Dawn Stockford.
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The Bourse de la Ville de Moncton en immersion was recently bestowed upon eight students at the Université de Moncton, Moncton campus:

• Emma Corbett, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing program
• Brooke Harris, Diploma in Health Sciences program
• Erin Mahoney, Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) program
• Maria Ordonez Torres, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) program
• Brianna Roy, Bachelor of Social Work preparatory program
• Rene Saulnier, Bachelor of Science (major in Mathematics) program
• Claire Smith, Bachelor of Science (major in Biology) program
• Dawn Stockford, Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education (major in English) program.

The Bourse de la Ville de Moncton en immersion is awarded to graduates of an immersion program at an Anglophone high school who have enrolled full-time at the Université de Moncton in a program on the Moncton campus and are permanent residents of the city of Moncton at the time of high school graduation.

Congratulations to the recipients and thank you to all donors for their generous support of students in their academic endeavours.

To make a donation to the Université de Moncton or for information on how to do so, please contact the Philanthropic Development Office by phone at 506-858-4130 or 1-888-362-1144, by email at developpement@umoncton.ca or visit the Evolution Fundraising Campaign website.
Source : Direction des communications, des affaires publiques et du marketing
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