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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Université de Moncton proud to announce the generous contribution of $50,000 from Donald J. Savoie to the Evolution Fundraising Campaign

From left to right: Raymond Théberge, President and Vice-Chancellor; Donald J. Savoie, Chairholder of the Chair in Public Administration and Governance (Tier 1); Camille H. Thériault, Co-Chairman of the Université de Moncton Evolution Fundraising Campaign.
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Thanks to the generosity of Donald J. Savoie over the years and the recent $50,000 contribution, the Donald J. Savoie Scholarship Fund supports many talented, engaged youth who are building the society of tomorrow. Mr. Savoie, patron of the Order of Regents of Université de Moncton, is the perfect example of a donor giving back to his community.

The market value of the Donald J. Savoie Scholarship Fund is close to $300,000. The Donald J. Savoie Scholarship is offered to students enrolled in an École des hautes études publiques master’s program.

We sincerely thank Donald J. Savoie for his precious longterm commitment to the students of Université de Moncton.

To donate to the Université de Moncton or for more information on making a donation, please contact the philanthropic development office at (506) 858-4130 or 1-888-362-1144, by email at developpement@umoncton.ca or visit this website.
Source : Direction des communications, des affaires publiques et du marketing
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