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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Université de Moncton’s Evolution Fundraising Campaign receives its first million-dollar donation from L’alUMni

The photo shows us, from left to right, Raymond Théberge, President and Vice-Chancellor; Bernard Lord, Evolution fundraising campaign Co-Chair; and Marc-Antoine Chiasson, President of L'alUMni.
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The Université de Moncton’s alumni association – L’alUMni – has announced that it will make a $1-million donation to the Université de Moncton’s Evolution Fundraising Campaign. The funds will go toward enhancing the student experience. The announcement was made during the official opening of the association’s second Rendez-vous event.

The Evolution campaign’s goal is to raise $50 million which will allow the Université de Moncton to support five major projects under two overarching themes: excellence in the student experience and excellence in research and development.

Driven by the importance to grow the feeling of belonging and pride for future graduates, L’alUMni has been making the student experience its priority for the past five years.

By contributing in a concrete manner to the quality of the student experience, L’alUMni has taken on the responsibility of developing a student life that is memorable and stimulating since the student experience is a crucial part of the university journey.

Since rolling out this new direction, L’alUMni is focusing even more on developing a sustained relationship which will accompany each student throughout their university studies right up to their professional career. The association also plays a catalyst role in creating opportunities such as the L’alUMni Rendez-vous and the Repères program which allows graduates, students and the university community to meet and to network.

“With this $1-million donation, we hope to make a significant difference in the student experience,” said Marc-Antoine Chiasson, President of L’alUMni. “Ten years ago, L’alUMni committed to making a donation to the Université de Moncton to show our dedication to the institution. Countless hours of discussions at board meetings, several studies and a number of consultations have brought us to where we are today at this important announcement. I would also like to recognize the remarkable work of previous boards of directors – as well as the current one – who were committed to making this a reality and prioritizing this goal.”

“I would like to sincerely thank L’alUMni for this major donation,” said Raymond Théberge, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Université de Moncton. “This is the largest contribution of an alumni association to the Université de Moncton. This generous gesture is greatly appreciated and will contribute strongly to improving the student experience. We want our students to have an unforgettable experience by being part of a stimulating intellectual community, all while benefiting from a multitude of interactions, services and learning which will support their education.”

The announcement thrilled Evolution Fundraising Campaign Co-Chairs Bernard Lord and Camille Thériault. “This first public announcement of a $1-million donation will not only serve as leverage and inspiration for getting other donations but will also contribute to benefiting the student experience,” said the Co-Chairs. “We want to thank L’alUMni for their generosity and invite citizens to give generously. It goes without saying that this significant donation will have positive spinoffs for the university’s student community.”

The Evolution Fundraising Campaign has already raised $25 million, which is 50% of its goal. To date the scholarships and financial aid program has received nearly half the donations with $12,315,000. Another important area for donations is in the area of research – where $11,365,570 has been raised for the university’s major projects; while $700,500 has been raised for the hub of excellence in Acadian studies and $500,000 has been raised through the campaign for the New Brunswick Centre for Precision Medicine. As well, $118,930 has been raised for the modernization of facilities.

To donate to the Université de Moncton or for more information on making a donation, please contact the philanthropic development office at (506) 858-4130 or 1-888-362-1144, by email at developpement@umoncton.ca or visit the website at www.umoncton.ca/dons/en/home.
Source : Direction des communications, des affaires publiques et du marketing
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