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Friday, June 09, 2017

Nearly $3 million in donations - Université de Moncton honours its donors

First row, left to right: Camille H. Thériault, co-chair of the Université de Moncton’s Évolution fundraising campaign; Lyne Boudreau; Rhéal Luce; Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of the City of Dieppe; Claude Roussel; Raymonde Roussel; Edith Doucet, Chairperson of the Université de Moncton’s Board of Governors; Brigitte Robichaud; Bernard Lord, co-chair of the Université de Moncton’s Évolution fundraising campaign; Diane Lord; Micheline Melanson; Edgar Léger. Second row: Linda Schofield, Executive Director of University Relations, Philanthropic Development and the Évolution fundraising campaign; Justin J. Robichaud, Fidelis Law Droit; Mathieu N. Picard, Fidelis Law Droit; Anju Collette; Jean-Daniel Comeau, Fidelis Law Droit; Michel Collette; Fernand de Varennes; James Lockyer; Jean-Claude Savoie, Chancellor and representing the Savoie Family; Raymond Théberge, President and Vice-Chancellor; Paulette Théberge; Yves Page; Lynne Castonguay; Herménégilde Chiasson; Francis Coutellier; Thérèse Coughlan; Keith Coughlan; Francis LeBlanc; Gabriel Cormier; Edgar Robichaud.
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The Université de Moncton showed its gratitude to its many generous donors by celebrating them at a recognition and investiture ceremony held on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at the Wingate Hotel in Dieppe.

During the ceremony, three organizations were invested in the Order of the Chancellor, with two of them achieving the highest rank in the Order. The Order of the Chancellor was established by the Board of Governors in 2004 to recognize associations, religious communities, businesses, foundations and municipalities who provide significant financial support to the Université de Moncton. The name of the Order reflects the role of the chancellor – which is to represent the university in a personal, visible and fundamental manner, and which symbolizes its function, spirit and unity.

As well, 33 people were invested in the Order of Regents, 11 of whom were elevated to a higher rank. Twenty of these individuals were present for their investiture. The Order of Regents was established by the Board of Governors in 1994 to bring together and recognize individuals who provide significant financial contributions to the Université de Moncton. The name of the Order reflects the important founding role played by the members of the Office of Regents during the university’s first years of existence. The Office of Regents was the precursor to the current Board of Governors.

Donors make all the difference

In total, these businesses and individuals have committed to donating nearly $3 million to the Université de Moncton. These donations contribute to the growth of the university and also provide essential support, especially to students, by encouraging their retention and success in their studies.

Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of Dieppe, recognized the enormous impact that the university has had on his city. As such, he made an important announcement at the beginning of the ceremony. “The Université de Moncton is an important player in the economic, cultural and social development of our area. More than 300 Université de Moncton employees live in Dieppe, and there are thousands of our residents who are graduates. We are very pleased to take part in the Évolution campaign by contributing a total of $500,000 over the next 10 years. These funds will allow for scholarships to Dieppe students as well as for the creation of an Acadian archives centre.”

This generous donation from the City of Dieppe gave a significant boost to the Évolution fundraising campaign currently underway at the Université de Moncton.

The recognition and investiture ceremony celebrated the great generosity of donors as well as the engagement of individuals and organizations who provide invaluable support to students while at the same time ensuring the university’s vitality.

For the complete list of members of the Order of Regents and the Order of the Chancellor, please visit the university’s philanthropic development office's web page.

To donate to the Université de Moncton or for more information on making a donation, please contact the philanthropic development office at 506.858.4130 or 1.888.362.1144, by email at developpement@umoncton.ca or visit the website at http://www.umoncton.ca/dons/en/home.
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