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Monday, August 22, 2022

T.H.A.T. (Truckers’ Health Adaptative Technology), a Unique Digital Health Research Project for New Brunswick Professional Drivers: Healthy Living and Well-Being through Real-Time Telemedicine.

Photo (gauche à droite) : Michele LeBlanc (Telus IQ), Matt Clow (Telus Business), Patricia Seaman (FRSNB), Dr Denis Prudhomme (President and Vice-Chancellor of the Université de Moncton), Time Peterson (Travail Sécuritaire NB), Honorable Trevor Holder (Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour), Honorable Dorothy Shephard (Minister of Social Development), Dre Jalila Jbilou (UMoncton-CFMNB, chercheure principale du projet), Stephen Seaman (Sunbury), Natalie Kangwa (JDIrving), Honorable Daniel Allain (Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform), Rhéal Richard (Atlantic Pacific transport), Chris Goguen (Dexcom), Erin Riley (Valley Healthcare), Matthew Kesthley (RST Sunbury Transport), Tricia Friar (Routinify WellAssist) et Tim Siddall (Routinify WellAssist).

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Coordinated and led by Dr. Jalila Jbilou, and her team, at the Université de Moncton - Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick will work with 200 professional drivers on a real-world and real-time digital health project. The T.H.A.T. (Truckers’ Health Adaptive Technology) aims to develop behavioural interventions and enhanced standards of integrated primary care for healthy living behaviours to prevent or alleviate chronic diseases and comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.

Daily monitoring and measurements of glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress level, and number of steps will be collected, in addition to blood tests, body weight, waist circumference, and height, to create a biophysical profile. The team will also create a behavioural profile based on active living, healthy eating, tobacco cessation, mindfulness practice, and self-management of chronic disease (medication compliance, preventive behaviours like screening, vaccination, and monitoring). This information will be used to develop behavioural interventions and improve enhanced standards of care for professional drivers. This model can be transferred to other groups with minimal adjustments.

This project is made possible by a public/private partnership among the Government of New Brunswick via the Labor Market Research and Analysis program, the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, WorkSafeNB, and six trucking companies including Armour Transportation Systems, Atlantic Pacific Transport Limited, Day & Ross, Midland Transport Limited, Seaboard Transport, and RST-Sunbury Transport, as well as members of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association. It is a Triple Helix Model, a trilateral network of organizational links among university, government, and industry. In addition, this project is supported by digital health technology partners including Dexcom Canada, which is providing the Dexcom G6 real-time continuous glucose monitoring system to monitor daily glucose, Routinify’s WellAssistContinuous Wellness and health monitoring platform which will be used to guide the professional drivers’ daily activities and offer coaching. Samsung and Telus will provide smartphones and LTE connection. Recorded real-time data will be electronically anonymized and transmitted onto a secured server based at the Université de Moncton for analysis and production of research reports.


“This is a major undertaking with a specific population of New Brunswickers. Our findings (improved access to care and health support, patient satisfaction with received care and health outcomes, optimal utilization of health resources) will inform the scaling up of this model to all New Brunswickers. The project is accompanied by education (health literacy) and guidance in a variety of healthy behaviours (stress management, eating habits) to foster well-being,” added Dr. Jalila Jbilou, professor and lead researcher of the T.H.A.T. Project at Université de Moncton - Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau Brunswick.

“Today’s announcement is an important step in advancing the knowledge and application of real-time telemedicine. This project is an inspiring example that encourages us to continue to innovate in the field of health to improve our strategies for the prevention and control of chronic diseases. The Université de Moncton is proud to see this applied and collaborative research project take shape and we thank Dr. Jalila Jbilou and her team for their creative commitment to our communities in finding viable solutions to contemporary health issues,” said Dr. Denis Prud'homme, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Université de Moncton.

“I am very pleased to see this important research project launching Phase Two after so many years of hard work,” said Minister of Social Development, Dorothy Shephard. “Professional drivers are an integral part of society, and it is important we support them in any way possible. With the work being done by Dr. Jbilou and her team, we will find innovative ways to support this vital group.”

“Transport truck drivers are critical to supporting the everyday life of New Brunswickers and we need to do everything we can to support and grow the workforce in this sector,” said Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Trevor Holder. “We are pleased to provide funding for this initiative through WorkingNB and we’re eager to see how it can help these essential workers improve their mental and physical health.”

“Dr. Jbilou’s work is directly applicable to the healthcare challenges faced by this distinct occupational group and therefore relevant to the province’s overall healthcare needs. The foundational technology element of this project will further showcase the opportunity to drive healthcare technology innovation and development in support of provincial priorities,” said Meaghan Seagrave, CEO of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation.

“WorkSafeNB is excited to see this project evolve. It is in direct support of our vision to make New Brunswick the safest place to work, and it recognizes the unique challenges faced by professional truck drivers. This type of collaboration and partnership is essential in building strategies to prevent workplace injuries, illness, death, and disability,” said President & CEO Tim Petersen, on behalf of WorkSafeNB. 

“The professional drivers in Atlantic Canada and their well-being are at the centre of our strategy to keep our industry healthy,” said Jean-Marc Picard, Executive Director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, which regroups 168 separate carrier members in Atlantic Canada. “The Healthy Driver project, led by Dr. Jbilou, is not only unprecedented but key for our industry, our region, and the health of our drivers, our most important asset. Drivers don’t have the same lifestyle as someone working a regular 9-to-5. They are on the road all the time and don’t have a normal schedule. Therefore, this initiative will give them access to the health services they need while on the road. Our members who are invested in the T.H.A.T. project are extremely excited to see this project evolving, and they are embracing it. This is an important service for our industry and long overdue. Perhaps this will also help us to attract more drivers to our industry.”

“At Day & Ross, we invest in ongoing initiatives to promote the mental and physical health of our drivers,” said Doug Tingley, Day & Ross Chief Operating Officer, Canada. “We’re proud to support T.H.A.T. project, a research study that uses technology to increase health literacy and give drivers the opportunity to prevent or alleviate chronic diseases.”

“The health and safety of our team members are paramount. We are proud to support this major research project. Its findings will reshape our understanding of healthcare and technology, allowing us to find better ways of living and working,” said Andrew Fisher, Vice President Transportation & Logistics at RST Industries Limited, Sunbury Transport Limited, and JDI Logistics.

“Our professional drivers are the face of Midland and are critical in delivering superior quality service to our customers,” said Scott Newby, General Manager, Midland. “This study will help us ensure they are taking care of themselves so they return from the road healthy and able to spend quality time with their friends and families.”

“At Seaboard Transport and Armour Transportation Systems, the health and safety of our workforce is our top priority. The opportunity to participate in this project will help us to provide meaningful programming and access to important health services to support our team of professional drivers across our network,” said Ryan Conrod, Vice President Human Resources, Seaboard Group of Companies and Armour Transportation Systems.

“Dexcom Canada is pleased to support the Truckers' Health Adaptive Technology initiative, and its vision of advanced digital virtual care to improve health and safety outcomes in the professional driver population,” said Elizabeth Whaley, Senior Director at Dexcom Canada. “We’re very excited to see our advanced real-time continuous glucose monitoring technology, and its connected data ecosystem, used to enable collection and reporting of glycemic data as a comparator and component of the innovative model of care under investigation.”

“We are excited to bring the WellAssist platform to this population of drivers. We are taking our real-life continuous remote patient monitoring on the road. Just-in-time data will drive wellness coaching, lifestyle behavioural changes, and medical interventions. WellAssist will aid those drivers diagnosed with chronic conditions and help prevent those at risk,” said Pat Kelly, CEO of Routinify. “Real-time consultations will be established with a team of multidisciplinary healthcare providers (RNs, NPs, and physicians) at Valley Healthcare. We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve,” said ErinRiley, registered nurse at Valley Healthcare Limited.

“We firmly believe in the power of prevention and early detection, and we're proud to build on our long-standing partnership with Samsung and the New Brunswick Government for this innovative pilot project that will ultimately help mitigate health risks and build a better future. Leveraging our global-leading connectivity and technology to improve the health and well-being of Canadians is one of the ways we are putting our customers and communities first,” said Serge Proulx, Vice-president of Sales, Public Sector East, TELUS.


WorkSafeNB is a Crown corporation charged with overseeing the implementation and application of New Brunswick's Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workers' Compensation Act, Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act, and the Firefighters' Compensation Act. WorkSafeNB is committed to promoting healthy and safe workplaces for New Brunswick's workers and employers. While our priority is preventing workplace injuries and occupational disease, we provide comprehensive rehabilitation services and fair compensation benefits when these do occur.

RST Industries Limited, Sunbury Transport Limited, and JDI Logistics are leading transportation and logistics organizations utilizing the most advanced technology to deliver world-class transportation services throughout North America. We offer a wide range of creative transportation solutions, specializing in chemicals, petroleum, bulk, flatbed, van, food grade products, and third-party logistics services.

For more than 50 years, Midland has earned a reputation for its commitment to delivering superior quality service as a transportation company with a complete lineup of services including truckload, less-than-truckload, courier, and specialized carrier services. Midland is part of the J.D. Irving Group of Companies.

Seaboard Transport Group of Companies and Armour Transportation Systems are leading transportation solutions providers offering safe and reliable transportation services across North America. Based in Atlantic Canada, Seaboard and Armour provide expertise in bulk liquid and bulk dry transportation, general freight, van, food & grocery, courier, warehousing, and third-party logistics services. 

About Day & Ross: with over 8,000 employees, drivers, and owner operators in Canada and the U.S., Day & Ross offers a diversified portfolio of freight and delivery solutions to top brands across North America. The company got its start by hauling potatoes out of New Brunswick in 1950. Today, their key services include LTL/TL and cross-border transportation, logistics, dedicated fleets, and residential delivery. For over a decade, Day & Ross has been recognized consistently as one of Canada’s best-managed companies and has been named a top company for women to work for in transportation for the past four years. Their commitment to safety and sustainability is rooted in their family values and their care for their employees and the communities where they work and live.

Dexcom, Inc. empowers people to take control of diabetes through innovative continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) systems. Headquartered in San Diego, California and with operations in Canada, Dexcom has emerged as a leader of diabetes care technology. By listening to the needs of users, caregivers, and providers, Dexcom simplifies and improves diabetes management around the world.

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