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This major fundraising campaign is essential for the Université de Moncton. At the heart of the campaign are the significant growth of research, emergence of new knowledge, enhancement of learning and excellence in education. They will all be stimulated by new and modernized facilities. The era where research was conducted within departmental laboratories is over. Today, we are in an era when research is soaring. It must become INTERDISCIPLINARY and COMPREHENSIVE.

Let’s take the example of the New Brunswick Centre for Precision Medicine, which will be at the forefront of the campaign. The Centre will be a stage for significant biomedical progress and supported through the cooperation of researchers and students in medicine, science and engineering. The Hub of excellence in Acadian studies and Hub of excellence in environmental science will also bring together various fields. At the core of the campaign is the message that the university is counting on programs that include multiple disciplines to create a vibrant community of knowledge and learning. It is important to convey that the university is also counting on new facilities and a range of common services to enhance campus life at its three locations. This will benefit undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. This is in addition to fulfilling its academic duties and conducting first-class research. It is also essential to feel that the university is counting on a substantial increase to scholarships and bursaries so that it can remain competitive.

To evolve, the Université de Moncton needs the support of engaged partners who must be ready to show their solidarity and generosity, as well as demonstrate their social responsibility toward education.

The following five projects are the core of the campaign: