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The Université de Moncton’s libraries offer a number of services: book loans, reference service, training sessions, guided tours, interlibrary loans, book reservations, study rooms, computer workstations, etc. They support university teaching and research by offering rich and diversified collections whose origins date back to the beginnings of the first classical Acadian colleges. Today, they offer a wide array of electronic documentation thanks to a virtual library available to the members of the university community on all three campuses.

The Université de Moncton’s Bibliothèque Champlain is the largest francophone university library in Atlantic Canada. Located on the Moncton campus, it contains more than 633,000 books, 195,000 audio-visual items and more than 18,000 subscription periodicals (16,600 of which are in electronic format). It also has a map library which includes nearly 30,000 geographical maps, a park, and computer labs with a total of more than 40 workstations.

Located in the Bibliothèque Champlain’s basement, the Centre d’études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson has the largest collection of Acadie-related archives and documents in the world. It is open to researchers, students and anyone else interested in Acadian studies.

Two other libraries are located on the Moncton Campus: the Bibliothèque de droit Michel-Bastarache at the law faculty as well as the Centre de ressources pédagogiques at the education sciences faculty.


The Bibliothèque Rhéa-Larose on the Edmundston campus has a number of document resources available for your studies, projects, research and much more. The library plays a major role in your studies, whether on-site or virtually.


La library on the Shippagan campus has a collection of 32,000 works and 325 periodical subscriptions, as well as more than 3,000 government documents.