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  • Real estate: property such as a commercial or residential building.
  • Tangible property: property that must be used in its original form such as equipment, artwork, historical objects, archives, specimens.
  • Intangible property: royalties, patents and other intellectual rights, securities (stocks and bonds), life insurance policies.

A gift of movable property or real estate will be appraised at its fair market value (FMV) at the time it is donated. The University will issue an official tax receipt to the donor for the fair market value on the date the gift is received.

Gifts-in-kind of an estimated value of more than $1,000 must be valued by two appraisers, one of whom must be a recognized independent appraiser. The University reserves the right to perform one of the two appraisals provided that it has the expertise. It is incumbent upon the donor to obtain external appraisals for gifts-in-kind and to provide these to the Office of Philanthropic Development.

The University may require that a gift agreement, that includes the description and value of the gift, be signed. Upon acceptance, gifts-in-kind are irrevocable and become the property of the Université de Moncton. A priori, the University may decide to sell gifts-in-kind when they present no heritage value or use in line with its mandate.

The donor may have to assume costs for storage, insurance, and transportation of donated personal property until it is received by the University. Technically, the University does not pay for the service or repair of property or any other expenses such as insurance and taxes. These expenses are the responsibility of the owner or her/his estate and they must be paid before the property is transferred to the University. Generally, accepting a gift that involves additional substantial expenses or major changes requires the approval of the Vice-President, Administration and Human Resources.

Gifts of service

The Université de Moncton may accept a gift of service deemed useful for its activities. However, it is not permitted by law to receipt services rendered, whether for time donated or for professional services.

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