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For information on donations to the Edmundston campus:

University Relations and Philanthropic Development Office

Edmundston Campus

Université de Moncton
Simon-Larouche Building
165 Hébert Blvd
Edmundston NB  E3V 2S8

T. : 506.737.5000
Fax. : 506.737.5373

For information on donations to the three-campus network or to the Moncton campus:

Philanthropic Development

Moncton Campus

Université de Moncton
Léopold-Taillon Building - 358
18 Antonine-Maillet Ave
Moncton NB  E1A 3E9

T. : 506.858.4130 or 1.888.362.1144
Fax. : 506.858.4108

For information on donations to the Shippagan campus:

Association des anciens, anciennes et ami-e-s de l’UMCS (AAUMCS) (Alumni and Friends Association)

Shippagan Campus

Université de Moncton
Irène-Léger Building
218 J.-D. Gauthier Blvd
Shippagan NB  E8S 1P6

T. 506.336.3400, extension 3424
Fax. : 506.336.3434


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